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Ok, so the airport road was closed again yesterday in Beirut, and reopened this morning. If there are signs of impotency of the Lebanese government, surely its helpless watching of this chaos is one of them (too many signs to list here). If the government can’t impose the rule of law and ensure the safety of its citizens, may be at least it needs to regulate that chaos.

I don’t mean the government needs to apologize to the rest of us or anything like that – God Forbid, but I am just thinking something like making the road blocks a daily part of the news and government reporting, so normal angry birds like us at home can know what’s happening.

Lebanese media can start reporting on the schedule of road blockage daily instead the weather forecast which is, anyway, unusually predictable hot non-Mediterranean ‘moderate’ summer.

It would be more beneficial if the government talked to the responsible of these sit-ins and understood from them how long they plan to stay there, and report back on their plans in certain defined schedules. The airport can start planning the flights traffic around them, and we can start booking our flights to Beirut around their movements. Also, all world airports can start displaying screens for the status of the airport road in Beirut.

Also, the Interior Minister should nominate one of the protesters to replace him while he is on annual leave, else who’s going to ensure:

  • the sit-in sustains and achieves its aims
  • power is guaranteed in coordination with the other coma-ministry
  • licenses are granted for new transport entrepreneurs from the airport to the road-blockage?