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Slightly away from politics this time, but not far from the media. I couldn’t get away from the fact a non-English YouTube video has just crossed one billion views and became the most watched online video ever. You probably guessed, it’s the Gangnam Style by Psy.

One billion views for a video supposed to be satirising the posh style of some area in South Korea is a massive number, considering the world online population is 2.4 billion. Unbelievable times we live in. A time when you don’t need to be first featured on the mainstream media (MSM) to be famous or talked about. You don’t need to speak English or originate from the west. You even can have some anti-American past like Psy. The video is unbelievably silly but cool. Lots of colours and moves with moving rhythms. I personally liked the kid at its first part.

YouTube’s motto “Broadcast yourself” can’t be anymore genuine. I even believed in its power in 2006 when I ended up buying Google shares after it acquired YouTube! The power of social of media now is so evident than ever, and if the MSM doesn’t change their operating business models, they will be fall behind. Or in other words, their current rate of decline will accelerate.

A big part of social media reports and comments on the mainstream media. We mock them or refer to them here on this blog. Now, all over the world the media started reporting social media, mocking or referring to them. The trend is reversing and the social media is becoming the source of info on many levels. In Lebanon for example, Aljadeed has now a permanent section in their newscast about the social media news.

I leave you below with most ridiculous mainstream media analysis for the Gangnam Style. As usual, the culprit is: Fox News.

They don’t realise that Pyongyang is in North Korea, and the reason why the song has no intelligent words or meaning is because… it’s in a different language, idiots. Also, watch below the commentator on Fox complaining about the fact no one is buying his book!